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How to select files based on specific file attributes value ?
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How to select files based on specific file attributes value ?

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First of all you have to make sure that the files attributes will be displayed in the Content of and Scan file list lists. This can be done as follows:
  1. Go to the Tools/Preferences menu.
  2. The Preferences window gets displayed.
  3. Select (tick off) the Attributes option.
  4. Press the Done button.
The Content of and Scan file list lists have now an additional 'Attributes' column that will display the attributes of the files they contain. Files can be selected as described in the related topics section below. Once done, proceed as follows in the Content of or Scan file list lists:
  1. Mouse right click in the list of files. Let's take the Content of list of files as example.
  2. Select the Find option.
  3. The Find in file list window gets displayed.
  4. In the Search in combo box, select the Attributes value.
  5. In the search text box, type the attibute value to match e.g. A, H, S, AH, HS, etc.
  6. Press the Select Match button.
  7. The Files in the list having that attribute value are selected.
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