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How to display the occurrences locations in the files while searching or replacing ?
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How to display the occurrences locations in the files while searching or replacing ?

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First of all a list of files to scan must have been compiled as described in topic:
How to compile a list of files for find and replace operations ?
Then proceed as follows:
  1. Select the Prompt user option.
  2. Proceed with the find or replace operation
For each file and text block (or string pair):
  1. The Prompt user window gets displayed.
  2. The Matches panel lists the found occurences.
  3. The File panel displays the content of the file currently being scanned and highlights the found occurrences.
  4. Proceed to the next file (or string pair) by pressing the Keep button.
You can navigate from one occurrence to another in several ways:
  1. When in the Matches panel, use the keyboard arrow keys or click an item.
  2. In the File panel lists simply scroll the view.
  3. Click on << or >> buttons.
  4. If you click on any occurrence in either the Matches or File panel, the occurrence is automatically highlighted in the other panel and vice versa.
Several File panel display options are available:
  1. File content can be displayed in hexadecimal. This proves to be useful to locate control characters in files. The number of hexadecimal characters per line can be modified (minimum is 1).
  2. Default text line separator can be changed in order to properly display text files originating from UNIX (Lf line separator) and MS Windows (CrLf line separator).
  3. File content can be displayed using a fixed width or proportional fonts.
  4. Line numbers can be displayed or hidden.
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