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How to avoid selecting the same file more than once ?
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How to avoid selecting the same file more than once ?

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This situation can happen if the same file exists in more than one directory or sub-directories and a recursive file search has been started. Also the same file can have been added more than once to the list of Files to scan by accident.
  1. Go to the Tools menu.
  2. Select the Preferences option.
  3. The Display preferences window is displayed.
  4. Choose to display at least the following files attributes : Modified time, Size and Attributes.
  5. Press the Done button.
  6. Go to the Select files panel.
  7. Mouse right click in the Content of or Files to scan list of files.
  8. Select the Select real duplicates option.
  9. The files having the same modified time, size and attributes get selected.
From the Content of list of files:
  1. Invert the selection by pressing the Invert All button.
  2. Press the Add to file button to select the files to scan.
From the Files to scan list of files:
  1. Press the Remove button to remove the selected real duplicate file from the list.
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