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Alias Find And Replace Quick Start
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Alias Find And Replace Quick Start

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  1. Start your registered version of the Alias Find And Replace 1.3.0 software.
  2. Go to the Select files panel.
  3. In the tree panel, click on the folder containing the files to scan. Make sure the File filter is set as expected.
  4. The files contained in this folder are displayed in the Content of ... list.
  5. Select (tick off) the files you want to scan.
  6. Click on the Add to list button.
  7. Your files are now listed in the Files to scan list.
  8. Tick off again the files to be scanned. Your files are now ready for find and replace operations.
  9. Go to the Find and Replace panel.
  10. Type the text to look for in the Block to replace field.
  11. Press the Find button.
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