"Master The Art of Updating Thousands of Web Pages In  Less Than 5 Minutes With This Proven, Easy to Use Software!"

Alias Find and Replace is a very powerful software for Windows (all versions up to 10) allowing you to change or update multiple web pages/files at once !

Alias Find and Replace is the tool you need to change or add a banner code, a link, a copyright notice ... or simply to correct a spelling mistake across hundreds of webpages or text documents without having to edit each of them manually !


for the new 1.3.0 version !
Works with text files such as Web Pages, PHP/ASP/Perl Scripts ...
Finds and Replaces multiple text strings in multiple files at once !
Finds and Replaces a text block in multiple files at once. Great to change banner html codes in multiple web pages at once !
Finds and Replaces different text blocks (several lines of text) delimited by the same tags in multiple files at once.
Replaces a text Block by another text Block containing one or more varying parts or pattern. This pattern will be replaced with incremental numbers. Needed when inserting the html code for some advertising companies or banner exchanges in web pages.
Visualizes in real-time the find and replace operations inside the files. This is very useful when you use the start and end tags to replace blocks of text.
Finds and replaces ASCII non printable characters such as Carriage Return and Line Feed.
Case sensitive find and replace ability.
File filter mask to allow easy files selection.
Recursive files selection.
Generates the list of files that have matched or not matched a Find/Replace String(s)/Block(s) operation. Possibility to export this list for easy upload to your hosting server.
Selective UNDO function. The Undo function can be performed on the files of your choice : all the list or just a selection.
Possibility to edit files just with a mouse click.
Ability to load/save the list of files to scan for find and replace, the list of search and replace strings and blocks ...
Very fast and easy to use. Alias Find and Replace is able to handle an unlimited number of files. The limit will only come from your hardware..
Works on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista.
Costs only $ 29.95 !

And many more !

Select Files tab Find and Replace tab
Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Alias Find and Replace is distributed as shareware. Consequently, the execution of some operations is slowed down in the non-registered version.

Download Alias Find and Replace now.

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I did a search of "search and replace" from CNET download site. I downloaded 3 programs which claimed to do what I wanted. 

After trying all three programs, Alias software's 'Find and Replace' was BY FAR superior to the other programs. 

Your program was very user friendly, simple to understand and I was able to accomplish exactly what I wanted to without any extensive learning curve. I am webmaster of a site that archives a vast quantity of stories and articles and it was necessary for me to change the meta tags on all the archived stories. With your program I was able to simply select the directory that contained the archived stories and choose block replace where I entered in <head> for the start tag and </head> for the end tag and then I entered a replacement block containing the new meta tags and clicked on 'replace blocks'. Within seconds that program went through hundreds of archived html files and replaced all the meta tags as instructed and even gave me a report including one file that it excluded. Upon examination I found that the file that it had excluded had an incorrect closing head tag which I corrected and then resubmitted to Find and Replace and it correctly changed the meta tags. 

I was so enthralled with the program that I decided to use it for some additional editing that I had been dreading. The archived stories all had <blockquotes> in them for formating. I had the program do a string search and remove all the <blockquotes> and </blockquotes> from the stories and then I had it remove reference to the <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="story.css"> and change it to <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="NEWstory.css"> where rather than blockquotes contained in the actual file, I utilized margin settings in the style sheet to accomplish more uniformly the layout that I wanted. 

You have an excellent program - Your program was far superior in my opinion to the two freeware programs that have been downloaded to a far greater extent than yours. Having tried all of them I believe your program is WELL WORTH THE $30 THAT I SPENT and saved me literally 20 OR 30 HOURS of manual editing.

Edward Goldstein

Your software is the best I ever had for find and replace. It is possible to select files from several folders. It is very easy to use. When I was searching for this kind of software I have downloaded maybe 10 products.
Some were very hard to use, most of them could not select files from several folders.
I am a SEO specialist and that's why I need to rebuild some sites totally. Your product helps me a lot.
My opinion about your software is the truth and you can use it anywhere you want to.

Pavel Richter

For months I have tried to figure out how to make a website out of my 3000+ family tree gedcom file (an export file used by all genealogists). I found a great little software to convert it, however, it looked so "generated" and did not have the look and feel of my site. As a webmaster, I just could not put a product up on the Internet that looked generated and did not have a navigational ease to it. Convinced there is a great tool out there for every problem, if you just know where to look, I decided to search in Google. I think I typed "I need a utility to modify a bunch of pages all at once". And Your site came up. I tried several other utilities, and not one of them struck me as that "great little tool", until yours. In a matter of 15 minutes, I was able insert the design html code to make my site uniform. Koodoos to you guys. Thank you so much for being there when I needed you.

Elizabeth Hunt

For our Company, a Hotel Reservation System, the Find And Replace tools are amongst the most important tools in use. In our experience, the Alias Find and Replace is the best on the market we know. We have tried many different Find and Replace tools, and your tool is the best.

Peter Weis

Alias Find and Replace is a great time saving program. I use the software to help myself maintain all of my websites. Because of this nice software I now spend about 5 minutes updating them instead of the usual couple of hours!
I recommend Alias Find and Replace to any webmaster ... beginner or expert.

Chet Brzezinski

I recently received news that a prominent tracking service that I use on all my websites was changing their code; unfortunately every page had to be changed as their code is page specific...we're talking 1500+ pages that had to be changed...by hand.
The HTML editor I use has a search and replace feature built in; but unfortunately the search strings have to be EXACT. The advanced features of your utility allowed me to make global site changes in minutes saving me hours of coding time! 
I highly recommend this software to other webmasters. Kudos to the ALIAS software team !

Stanley Holtsclaw